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Your search for the payroll software that solves all your payroll related issues ends here! SmartTime Pro has a complete payroll solution that automates all your payroll processes. Configure your payroll rules, and leave the rest to SmarTime Pro, it saves you lots of time spend fixing your payroll issues. The SmarTime Pro attandance and payroll solution designed with at most flexibility. SmartTime Pro is a time saving, cost effective solution providing assistance for Payroll management and administration. A comprehensive, intuitive, flexible attendance and payroll system suitable for any business sector and company size. Its modular structure can be tailored to meet your individual requirements, adapting to your ever changing business needs. No Matter What type of facility you oversee. Efficient Payroll Management is Critical. On a daily basis, you may need to screen and track employee's attendance integrate with your payroll system and you need to do all of this quickly and efficiently without disrupting business operations or causing delays. Advantages Time saving Integrate employee's attendance with payroll for easy and faster payroll processing Manage critical employee information easily Storing personnel records Monitoring the attendance efficiently Integrate with biometric/swipe card devices to generate attendance information automatically Fully customised reports Very User friendly to handle

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Introduction of Salary Payroll Software

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Needs for Time Attendance Payroll Software

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Benefits Of Salary Payroll Software

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