Time Attandence payroll software

Features of time attandance payroll software

1. Multi Branch Management

> Employee Data Management
> Salary calculation get centralize.
> Get data from more than one device in same branch.

2. Attendance

In Smart time attendance payroll software, we can maintain attendance in four types:-

> Attendance Import from Biometric machine
> Attendance Import from Excel
> Manual Attendance (single or Bulk Manual Punch Entry)

3. Salary calculation

In Smart Time Payroll software on the basis of attendance, we can calculate salary of all employees in the organization(hourly or monthly basis ), other options regarding salary are

> Salary setup
> Salary Summary-monthly
> Salary Register with detail
> Print salary report for CA
> Print Salary Slip

4. Leave Management

Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. In organization have many types of leaves:-

> Casual Leave
> Earned Leave
> Sick Leave
> Maternity Leave
> Short leave

5. Bonus Management

Additional compensation given to an employee above his/her normal wage. A bonus can be used as a reward for achieving specific goals set by the company, or for dedication to the company.
In smart Time Attendance Payroll we can maintain Bonus:-

> Bonus Setup
> Bonus Payment
> Bonus Report

6. Advanced salary management

We can pay salary in advance in an emergency and manage it properly.

7. Loan Management:

Manage Employee's Advance salary issued means We can manage the all records of the loan given to employees. We can set up the loan amount with installments can deducted from employee salary every month.

8. HRD management

Before a person becomes a part of an organization, there are certain procedures that need to be followed. And even after joining an organization, employee goes through several phases. We have included some of those HRD modules in our Payroll software:-

> Application Process
> Offer Letter
> Appointment Letter
> Promotion Letter
> Relieving Letter etc..

9. Email/Sms notification

In Smart Time payroll software, we have four type of SMS Intimation:-

> Attendance detail
> Salary Processed
> Missing punch
> Absent marked

10. Various Tax Management

In Smart time Payroll software, we calculate all type Statutory compliance:-

> P.F.
> E.S.I.C
> T.D.S.
> Professional Tax
> Gratuity (India)
> LWF(Labor Welfare Fund India)

11. User authentication

An access control procedure for computer systems, which allows a system administrator to set up a hierarchy of users.

Thus, the low level users can access only a limited set of information, whereas the highest level users can access the most sensitive data on the system also called access rights

12. Full n final settlement of employees

> Full settlement is the process done when an employee quits an organization.
> It is actually the amount of money an employee receives after all the deductions after leaving the organization.
> In some cases employee has to pay the organization in an order to get his/her relieving letter.

13. Reports

> Employee detail report
> Salary register
> In-Out report
> First In-Last out report
> Early Out and Last In report
> Personal In Out Report
> Absent report
> Error case report
> Leave report
> Shift Allocation report
> Lunch report
> Manual punch report
> Monthly summery report
> Monthly muster
> Monthly In-Out report
> Monthly OT report
> Loan outstanding Reports
> Employee Monthly - Yearly Work Summary Reports
> PT Submission Report (India)
> Bank detail wise report

14. Others

> Police station form Print (India)
> Employee Shift Management
> User defined Department & Designation